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In the age of digitalization, online dating has become an increasingly popular way for people to connect with others and find Love. With numerous dating websites and apps available, it can be overwhelming to choose one that caters to your specific preferences and needs. One such dating website is Lovinga.com. Which claims to provide a unique and safe online dating experience for its users. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Lovinga.com and help you decide. If it is the right dating platform for you.

Features of Lovinga.com

Lovinga.com is an online dating platform designed to help singles find meaningful connections and build long-lasting relationships. The site boasts several unique features that set it apart from other dating sites, making it a great option for those seeking a more personalized online dating experience.

Advanced matching algorithm: Lovinga.com uses a sophisticated algorithm to match members based on their preferences and personality traits, increasing the chances of finding a compatible partner.

Video profiles: Members can create video profiles to showcase their personality, interests, and lifestyle. This allows potential matches to get a better sense of who they are before initiating contact.

Private photo albums: Members can create private photo albums and choose who to share them with, allowing them to control who sees their pictures and protecting their privacy.

Safe and secure: Lovinga com employs strict security measures to ensure a safe and secure online dating experience. Members can report suspicious activity and block or hide other members to ensure their safety.

Communication options: The platform offers various communication options, including chat rooms, instant messaging, and video calls, allowing members to connect with others in real-time and build stronger connections.

Profile verification: Lovinga.com verifies user profiles to ensure that they are legitimate and not fake, helping members to trust the people they meet on the site.

Blog and advice section: The site has a blog and advice section that offers dating tips and advice, making it a helpful resource for those navigating the world of online dating.

Overall, Lovinga.com’s unique features and commitment to member safety make it a great option for those seeking a more personalized and secure online dating experience.

User Base

Lovinga.com has a diverse user base that includes individuals from all over the world. The platform is open to people of all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship preferences. This inclusivity makes it a great option for those who are looking for a dating site that caters to their specific needs and desires.

The user base on Lovinga.com is also quite large, with thousands of active members at any given time. This means that users have a wide pool of potential matches to choose from and increases their chances of finding a compatible partner.

One notable aspect of Lovinga.com’s user base is that it tends to attract individuals who are serious about finding a long-term relationship. This is because the platform’s focus is on creating meaningful connections rather than just facilitating casual hookups.

Signing Up and Creating a Profile

Signing up and creating a profile on Lovinga.com is a simple and straightforward process. Users can sign up for a free account by providing their name, email address, and creating a password. Once the registration process is complete, users can start creating their profile.

The profile creation process on Lovinga.com is easy and quick. Users are required to provide basic information about themselves such as their age, location, height, and interests. They can also upload photos and videos to their profile to make it more appealing to other users.

In addition, users can provide detailed information about their hobbies, interests, and preferences. This information can be helpful in finding potential matches who share similar interests and hobbies.

Users can also write a brief introduction about themselves, highlighting their personality traits, likes and dislikes, and what they are looking for in a relationship. This can help other users get to know them better and initiate conversations.

Overall, the sign-up and profile creation process on Lovinga.com is simple and user-friendly, making it easy for users to get started on the platform and start looking for potential matches.

Search and Matching

One of the most important features of Lovinga.com is its search and matching capabilities. The platform uses an advanced algorithm to match users based on their preferences and interests. Users can set up their search criteria based on location, age, interests, and more.

The search feature allows users to search for potential matches based on various parameters, such as gender, age range, location, and interests. Users can also use the advanced search feature to narrow down their search based on specific criteria, such as height, weight, body type, education, and occupation.

Once a user has set up their search criteria, the platform will show them potential matches that meet their preferences. Users can then swipe left or right to indicate their interest in the suggested profiles. If both users swipe right, the platform will notify them that they have matched and allow them to start a conversation.

Communication Tools

Lovinga.com offers various communication tools to its users, making it easy to connect and interact with potential matches.

Users can start by sending likes to profiles they are interested in. This is a simple and straightforward way to show interest without sending a message. If the feeling is mutual, the two users will be matched and can start chatting.

The platform also offers an instant messaging feature, allowing users to send messages in real-time. This is a great way to get to know someone better and build a connection.

Lovinga.com also has a video chat feature, which is a more personal way to communicate with a match. Users can have face-to-face conversations without having to meet in person. This feature is especially useful for those who want to get a better sense of their match’s personality and mannerisms before meeting up.

In addition, the platform has a gift-giving feature, allowing users to send virtual gifts to their matches. This is a fun and thoughtful way to show someone that you are interested and care about them.

Overall, Lovinga.com offers a range of communication tools that are designed to help users connect and build meaningful relationships.

Security and Privacy

Lovinga.com takes the security and privacy of its users very seriously. The site uses SSL encryption to protect all user data and personal information. Additionally, all user profiles and uploaded photos are moderated by a team of professionals to ensure that they are authentic and appropriate.

Users can also adjust their privacy settings to control who can see their profile and communicate with them. Lovinga.com also offers a “Block User” feature, which allows users to block anyone they don’t want to interact with.

Furthermore, the site has a dedicated customer support team that is available 24/7 to address any concerns or issues that users may have. Overall, Lovinga.com provides a safe and secure environment for users to connect and explore potential relationships.

Success Stories

At Lovinga.com, success stories are celebrated and showcased on the website to inspire others to find love and happiness. The website has a dedicated section for success stories where users can read about other members’ experiences and how they found their partners on the platform.

Many couples have found each other on Lovinga.com and shared their stories of how they met, fell in love, and started a life together. These stories range from casual dates that turned into long-term relationships to more serious commitments that led to marriage.

One success story featured on the website tells the tale of a couple who connected on Lovinga.com and soon discovered their shared love of travel. They went on several trips together and found that their interests and values aligned perfectly. After dating for a few months, they decided to move in together, and eventually, they got engaged.

Another success story involves a couple who met on Lovinga.com and bonded over their mutual love of cooking. They spent several months chatting and exchanging recipes before finally meeting in person. They had an instant connection and started dating exclusively. Now, they are happily married and credit Lovinga.com for bringing them together.

These success stories show that Lovinga.com is an effective platform for finding meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. With its user-friendly interface, advanced search tools, and communication features, it is easier than ever to connect with potential partners and build lasting relationships.


Lovinga.com is a modern dating platform that offers a unique and user-friendly experience to its users. With its advanced search and matching features, communication tools, and security measures, Lovinga.com has quickly become a favorite among singles looking for love online.

The platform’s user base is diverse and active, with members from around the world and different age groups. Signing up and creating a profile is easy and straightforward, allowing users to start browsing and connecting with potential matches in no time.

Lovinga.com’s search and matching features are advanced, allowing users to search for potential matches based on various criteria, including location, age, interests, and more. The platform’s matching algorithm is also effective, offering users compatible matches based on their preferences.

Communication tools on Lovinga.com are also impressive, allowing users to communicate with their matches easily. From chat and messaging to video calls, the platform provides various communication options for users.

Privacy and security are also a top priority for Lovinga.com, and the platform takes strict measures to protect its users’ data and identity.

Overall, Lovinga.com offers a safe and enjoyable dating experience for singles looking for love online. With its impressive features and success stories, it is a platform worth considering for those looking for a meaningful relationship.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I find single women for dating online?

Lovinga is the best platform for finding women for dating whether singles or married.

Do I need to pay for registering on lovinga.com?

No, initially you don’t need to pay anything for becoming a part of this dating platform.

Can I hide my contact details like email address and phone number from fellow members?

Yes, you can certainly hide your details according to your requirements.

Who can join this dating platform?

Anyone who want to find friends online.

Is it a hookup platform online?

No, it’s not a hookup site. Instead, it’s a dating platform for contemporary men and women.

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Hopeless app

Hopeless app. Account deleted for no good reasons. Request for help fell on deaf ears. Each attempt to create a new account – I am a genuine guy, not a pervert or scammer – was also blocked and deleted within a few hours.

I want my money back

I went to this site in hopes of finding love, what a joke. I think they are just collecting money. When I say no to a profile that same profile continues to pop up. I want my money back it’s a joke.

This is the worst dating site

This is the worst dating site. They ignore your location and send you matches from various other states. You will get messages that you have many reviews. They are not there. There are members photos on this site from years ago. I know this for a fact because I was on this site in 2018 and met a guy. When I went back on this site his profile came up. Same one same pic from 2018 and I know he is and has been in a good relationship. So DON’T DO IT. It’s too expensive for what you get and the men are mostly just surfing and not seriously looking.

This site is a total joke

This site is a total joke. They have no way to control scammers on there. I was getting 10-15 emails a day. The last 3 months on there was a waste of time. I only found 1 legitie person to talk with there in 3 MONTHS! Anyone asks me about this site I will say run do not past og

It's pointless

This site is the worst I have seen so far for mature singles. Very few people, communication is not great, their suggestions are from other provinces and even in the US. I’m going to cancel without even finishing out my subscription, it’s pointless.

I won't recommend this to anyone

Not good. I won’t recommend this to anyone. They’re just good with collecting your money. But not willing to help.

Stay away from them

This company is like a leech, they will never let go of you, despite requests it is impossible and they will not respect your privacy, Stay away from them.

Finally gave up

The platform is inferior and feels very dated. On the app, the photos are cropped so you cannot see faces. There is no method for sorting, deleting matches. When you click on likes, the profile photo has no functionality so it’s impossible to see who liked you without looking that person up on the list of matches. Overall, a very frustrating experience – i do not have the patience to deal with it. I called the customer support number to try to get a refund and was on hold for 40 minutes. Finally gave up

Stay away from this

I’m really disgusted with this site. Six month into a twelve months plan they charged me for another plan that I did not subscribe to. They charged me $658.80 for the new plan! I emailed them, explained the situation, and they didn’t help and even wrote at the end of the email that their “decision was final”. Reading between the lines, they weren’t to listen to me or help me resolve the problem. I reached out to Fair Trading, explained my situation and had a case manager work on my behalf. They were able to contact this site and get my money back. I’m shocked with this behavour. Stay away from this awful company.

Total waste of money

Total waste of money. Even as a paying member you can’t see the pics of non paying members….how ridiculous. It’s a very small membership in the Gold Coast area for 45-60’s so I would not recommend it for Women looking for Men in that age group. This site really need to update the way their site works as the free sites offer way more flexibility. Getting the subscriptions are their highest priority. Very disappointing!!!

Extortionate app

This app gives you no matches. Apparently over 50 people like me. Why am I not getting any matches then? Why is it not showing these people and letting me swipe on them? Just a scam to get you to pay for the extortionate app.

Don't use

Don’t use they will just Rob you blind and when you email them they just tell you nothing they can do don’t use unless you like spending money


Terrible. Do not buy. It’s a scam. Terrible people, terrible service. Would give it zero stars if that was at all possible. No no no no no no no no

No-refund policy

I wanted to cancel 24 hours after signing up because I bought their chips along with signing up. I have sent them three emails and have not replied at all. They just ignore my request. I will have a copy of all correspondence if needed. Even if there was a no-refund policy, they should at least have been advised.

I was frustrated

I liked that there were possible matches close to me, but I had a hard time typing in the box. I found it difficult to go over my text to check for errors that might cause misunderstandings, because the box is so small. I would have preferred one like this one so I could see what I typed without having to scroll backwards, etc. I was frustrated with the process.

I do appreciate

I met a few people but I guess I am not everybody’s cup of tea. But I do appreciate your help. I met somebody really nice thanks to your site.

Keep away from it

Paying is easy but try and cancel your subscribtion is near on impossible as As soon as you try the app locks up.Keep away from it

Stay far, far away from this site.

Stay far, far away from this site.

Big giant scam

I was on this website for 2 months although I paid for 3months. At first I was over the moon thinking I had hit the jackpot so many beautiful women, so many like a day coming to me from model Ty upe women. I didn’t have to send any letters to women to get something started. I was receiving 10 a day. Stunningly beautiful women. Their profile states they are from Australia where I am from. As I began to chat with the ladies they all had similar stories. None were from Australia. And none of them were the women in the profile photos. Big giant scam. Do not waste your money.

Total scam

Total scam, get a million views that mean nothing. You get a message and talk back you get nothing and the conversation disappears

Save your Money! A Total Rip Off!

Save your Money! A Total Rip Off! Lovinga.com makes you buy coins in order to establish communications with other members. Another thing I noticed about this website, Lovinga.com is playing around with your messages. This is wrong!

Save your money & go elsewhere

Save your money & go elsewhere or try something different – actually approach people, use your connections & avoid those who hide behind the Internet looking for the love of their life.

Lovinga.com has the worst choices

Lovinga.com has the worst choices of men, they’re weird looking (like they just got out of prison) and the few good ones are fake accounts. I asked very early on to cancel my subscription and they never responded.

Lovinga.com a total sham

I have found this Lovinga.com a total sham or in better english… Fake. I can truly say they don’t care about customer service or profiling there image of a good respectful business.

Very dissatisfied with Lovinga.com

They advertise this site as free. Not true! You can set up a profile and look at others but you have to pay A LOT to communicate to those on the site. Due to being very dissatisfied with their service I cancelled. Doesn’t phase then they still keep billing you! Stay away! Biggest ripoff!

Thanks to Lovinga.com

I am in to dating after a long relationship and I found someone who was a good match, took a chance and met him and we are old souls. It was an instant connection. Thanks to Lovinga.com I met an amazing woman.

I love Lovinga

I met my girlfriend a year ago on Lovinga and we our now about to celebrate 10 months together. It has been the best thing to happen to me. Thank you

Thanks to the Lovinga

After many months of looking and talking to many woman and meeting just a handful of them I have found the very best match for me! So take your time and never settle for less than you deserve! Thanks to the Lovinga Employee’s for your help in finding the woman of my dreams!

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