Amolatina dating site is such a huge scam

this dating site is such a huge scam.i cant believe so many guys fall for this.i joined the site and within a day i could tell it was a scam.first of all there are no set monthly subscriptions. you have to pay every time that you chat or send a message and even have to pay everytime you send or receive a photo and you cant give out personal information so you end up spending a fortune chatting on the site.they say that you can send flowers to the girl and attach your email but the flowers cost over 100 dollars and the girls on the site dont exist when you chat you are just chatting to a paid employee of the site so she will never send you a personal email.they only want you to keep chatting on the site so you will keep spending your money.when i chatted with these girls i noticed a familiar pattern also.they all tell you that you are the one and that they love you.they just say anything to keep you chatting and winding down the credits so then you are forced to buy more credits to keep chatting and the customer support is useless if you make a complaint the just ignore you.Stay away from this scam site

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