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Are you tired of swiping left and right on dating apps without finding someone who really interests you? Do you want to meet someone who shares your interests, values, and goals in life? Look no further than LetmeDate.com, the online dating platform that can help you find your perfect match.

What is LetmeDate.com?

LetmeDate.com is an online dating website that connects individuals looking for romantic relationships. It is a platform that allows users to create a profile, browse through potential matches, and connect with others who share similar interests and goals. LetmeDate com is designed to help users find their perfect match by providing a range of tools and features to help them communicate and build connections with other members on the site.

Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or just a casual date, LetmeDate.com offers a variety of options to help you find what you are looking for. With a large user base of singles from all over the world, LetmeDate.com is a great option for anyone who is looking to meet new people and explore their romantic options.

How LetmeDate.com Works

Getting started on LetmeDate.com is easy. Simply create an account, complete your profile, and start browsing potential matches. The platform offers a range of tools and features to help you find compatible partners, including advanced search options and personalized recommendations.


To create an account on LetmeDate.com, you will need to provide basic information such as your name, age, location, and email address. You will also be asked to create a unique username and password.

Creating a Profile

Your profile is your chance to showcase your personality and interests. You can add photos, write a bio, and answer questions about your hobbies, preferences, and what you are looking for in a partner. The more detailed your profile, the better your chances of finding compatible matches.

Browsing Matches

Once your profile is complete, you can start browsing potential matches. LetmeDate.com offers a variety of search options, including by location, age, interests, and relationship goals. You can also view profiles of members who have visited your profile or expressed interest in you.

Connecting with Other Users

If you find someone who interests you, you can start a conversation by sending a message or a virtual gift. LetmeDate.com also offers a chat feature, allowing you to communicate in real-time with other members.

Advantages of LetmeDate.com

LetmeDate.com has several advantages that make it stand out among other dating websites. Some of these advantages are:

Large user base: LetmeDate.com has a large user base of single men and women from all over the world, which increases your chances of finding a compatible match.

Advanced search filters: The website has advanced search filters that allow you to find matches based on specific criteria such as age, location, interests, and relationship preferences.

Free registration: LetmeDate.com offers free registration, which allows you to create a profile, browse through profiles of other members, and even send messages to some members.

Secure platform: The website has a robust security system that ensures the safety and privacy of its users. All profiles are verified, and members can report suspicious activity or behavior.

Mobile-friendly: LetmeDate.com is mobile-friendly, and you can access it from your smartphone or tablet. This makes it easier to use the website on the go, and you can stay connected with your matches at all times.

Personalized matchmaking: LetmeDate.com offers personalized matchmaking services, where a team of experts analyzes your profile and matches you with compatible members based on your preferences and interests.

Communication tools: The website has several communication tools, including chat rooms, video calls, and instant messaging, which allow you to connect with your matches and get to know them better.

Overall, LetmeDate.com is an excellent platform for singles looking for meaningful relationships. With its large user base, advanced search filters, and personalized matchmaking services, you can increase your chances of finding the right match. The website’s secure platform and communication tools ensure that you can connect with other members safely and conveniently.

Success Stories

LetmeDate.com has helped numerous individuals find meaningful relationships and build lasting connections. Here are a few success stories shared by users of the platform:

John and Sarah: John and Sarah met on LetmeDate.com and quickly hit it off. They found common interests and values and decided to meet up in person. After several dates, they realized they had fallen in love with each other. They have now been together for over two years and are planning to get married soon.

Mark and Emily: Mark had been using LetmeDate.com for a while without much success. However, when he came across Emily’s profile, he knew he had to message her. Emily was hesitant at first but decided to give Mark a chance. They found they had a lot in common and started dating exclusively. Now, a year later, they are still together and happy.

Jessica and David: Jessica was tired of the dating scene and had almost given up hope of finding someone special. That’s when she came across David’s profile on LetmeDate.com. David was charming and funny, and they quickly hit it off. They started dating and have been together for almost three years now. Jessica says she never would have met David without LetmeDate.com.

These success stories show that LetmeDate.com is an effective platform for finding love and building meaningful connections. The site’s advanced algorithms and features help users find compatible matches and start conversations with ease.


LetmeDate.com is a great option for those looking for a convenient and efficient way to find love and connect with others online. The site offers a variety of features and benefits that make it stand out from other dating platforms. With a large and diverse user base, easy-to-use interface, and useful communication tools, LetmeDate.com makes it easy to meet and interact with like-minded individuals. Whether you’re looking for a long-term relationship or just a casual fling, LetmeDate.com is worth checking out. So why not give it a try and see where it takes you?



Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to share my personal details with other members on letmedate.com?

No, you don’t need to share your personal or other confidential details with other members on this global dating site. But yes, if you want to share your information with anyone online, you can do it at your risk.

Do I have to deal with unwanted advertisements or other third-party promotions when becoming a member of letmedate.com?

No, you don’t need to deal with the third-party promotion or unwanted ads while browsing through our dating services.

Can I hide my contact details such as cell number and email address from other members on dating site?

Yes, you can. When you create an account or profile on letmedate.com, you can customize settings according to your specific requirements. So, you can hide everything that you want from other members on the dating site.

Is it necessary to become a paid member?

No, it’s not necessary to become a paid. But yes, if you want to enjoy premium dating features of letmedate.com, you can choose a paid dating membership plan.

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Fake profiles and photos

This is like all the other “better” dating sites is really only interested in making money – they do little to stop the awful abuse of women on line. As a more mature woman it is even worse, words like MILF are not blocked and men with fake profiles and photos not banned but given several chances to abuse again and again.

I pay a lot of money

I pay a lot of money for this app, and several times a day, I can’t get into the mobile app, even with the correct password. When I write to the support service, I always get the same answer to reset my password. I must have done this ten times now. For all the money, an inferior app.

Bogus site

I question the validity of this site. It just did not seem authentic. I searched for local area single women and upon paying for the month service found that those who I had replied to who were supposedly in my area were in different parts of the country. While on the site there were numerous pop ups of women who claimed to be in my given area and upon trying to reply it showed that they couldnt receive messages etc. The site seemed legitimate. That is until I made my payment. Bogus site.

Don't waste your time or money

I continually received emails from people asking me to contact a “friend” who was not a member. I repeatedly reported this behavior and they did nothing. You won’t get your money back if you cancel because of these deceptive people. Don’t waste your time or money.

Don't even go near

Don’t even go near as i was impressed at first but ended up seeing that it was a total waste of time and money!..

It is a total scam

I paid for a six month subscription but did not realize I had to pay the total amount upfront. I have filed a dispute with PayPal. It is a total scam… stay far, far away.

Don’t waste your money

Don’t waste your money – very few members to choose from and most live miles away from me – very expensive and average age 60! Wish I’d never signed up!

Their customer service is poor

Too many people contacted me that live hours or states away despite the 30 mile radius I set. Their customer service is poor. No one called or emailed back when I expressed my concerns. They’ll take your money up front fro 3 months with no refunds possible, even after you are given a poor quality service. Don’t do it!

Just an awful app

Just an awful app. There is so few matches in your area to start. The app itself is useless and put off date. It buffers and doesn’t load. Then when you contact their customer service team they keep telling you to uninstall and reinstall the app. When you decide (very quickly) this isn’t worth the ridiculous amount of money being charged and try to cancel, you will be informed that it isn’t possible as per their terms and conditions.

Don’t be fooled

They’re only after your money, don’t be fooled. The focus is not on whether you meet or connect with anyone all they care about is taking your money. Don’t be fooled go elsewhere.

Don't waste your money and time

This site is a total scam! There are just women advertising their Instagram accounts here. Don’t waste your money and time.

It is terrible

It is terrible and will charge you money without you knowing. One has to manually go, find the option and disable it, otherwise one gets charged. As a new user it is impossible to know that this set-up is turned on by default. So, they are legally covered by having it on by default once you sign up and agree on the terms! So, be very careful! I was charged 60$ for not knowing that because I used some services, despite the fact that I had bought a premium service! The whole site does not allow you to use anything pretty much unless you pay. It’s a rip-off! Good luck!

Awful stuff

Awful stuff. A total letdown and waste of time. Don’t join this site if you are serious. It is a joke. Disingenuous and egotistical women are on there. A rip off.

It was a frustrating

It was a frustrating and disappointing experience.

Was a little disappointed

Good site… Was a little disappointed when I went on to read the conversation that I initially had with my now boyfriend (I was going to copy it and make a photo album for him for Christmas) and it had been deleted… Not by me tho:’-(… That was something special to us… This site got us connected and we wanted those memories 🙁

This site was ok

This site was ok. You can only send two messages without paying, so you usually put a phone number in one of those first two messages. Don’t waste a wink, because it counts as a message. There are a lot of fake profiles, which you will notice. And when I had started the account, I noticed you had the option of looking for a partner, while having your relationship as married or taken or whatever. I felt as if the site encouraged adultery.

Total fraud and misleading

Total fraud and misleading

This site is terrible

Seriously this site is a waste of time and the selection is terrible.

This site is an absolute disgrace

EVERY message I have received is from a fake profile. This site is an absolute disgrace and should be fined and shut down.. Don’t waste your time or your money.

Terrible in all

Terrible in all regards, up charges , no phone number, freezes my new iPad, sucks on selection, etc

Letmedate.com are nothing but scammers

They give out fake messages, and when you try to retrieve them it will tell you to subscribed when you already have a subscription. Most of the men on Letmedate.com are nothing but scammers who has posted dead men photos and fake profiles.

Letmedate.com is not a reputable company

Letmedate.com is not a reputable company and they don’t handle complaints well. They are great scammers and claim to have many more members than they have.

Letmedate don't care about customers

They don’t care about customers, they just want to make customers’ wallets thinner by taking their money.

Letmedate scam site

I visited the Letmedate and saw many ladies I was interested with in my area. I looked at the terms and it said I could cancel within 3 business days with no penalty. I joined the site and NON of the women that were supposedly on there were there. I fact there was not many women I was interested in. So I immediately canceled my subscription. They are refusing to give me a refund. This is a scam site, the women you see before you join are not on there. Stay away from Letmedate scam site.

Stay away from Letmedate

Stay away from Letmedate.It is a fake itself!

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