How to Benefit From 3 Days Free on Meetic in 2022?

Most singles have already heard of Free on Meetic three-day free offer. But you don’t know how to get it. In the worst case, you have already tried and it did not work. To take advantage of this free promo offer, follow our advice to the letter. Then discover the options you have left after the three free days on Meetic.

Some Advice to Benefit From Three Free Days on Meetic

To benefit from the three free days offered by Meetic, singles must first register for this offer. It is not about registering on the official Meetic page. You must register on FlirtWith the special page dedicated to this offer. Go on the internet and browse a page that discusses this promo. Somewhere you will see a field that you need to click on to register for free.

To register, singles must put their email, a pseudonym and complete a questionnaire to finalize their profile. Immediately, you can see the profiles of other members and establish contact. It should be noted that this offer does not apply to both Meetic and Meetic Affinity . It is dedicated only to Meetic users .

How to Take Advantage of The Three Free Days on Meetic?

To take full advantage of the three free days on Meetic, you must follow our recommendations. Among other things, you must:

Take Care of Your Profile

The majority of singles don’t know it, but your profile is your weapon of seduction on Meetic. You only have three days of free offer . Start by putting a good profile picture and presenting a brief description of yourself.

Select Singles – Free on Meetic

Once your profile is finalized, you should visit the profiles of other singles. Then select the singles who correspond to you the most and with whom you have certain affinities. Archive them if possible so as not to lose them.

Chat with Singles

The three days of free offer give you the opportunity to chat for free with all registered members of Meetic. Start the discussion quickly and propose meetings . Your days are numbered,  so you have to hurry to get successful meetings. Be comfortable, respectful and friendly with members .

Participate in Events – Free on Meetic

Participating in events is a quick way to make juicy encounters with Meetic singles. These events organized by Meetic bring together many singles in one place. You just have to look as presentable as possible and try your luck.

What Happens After the Three Free Days?

If the three-day promo offer expires, you have two choices. You must either subscribe or continue to use Meetic for free. To make the subscription , first consult the Meetic tariff 2022 to have an idea of ​​the subscription formulas which are proposed to you. Then choose the subscription that may suit your means. As part of free Meetic, you cannot benefit from all the features of Meetic. These features become chargeable. FlirtWith.Com The only thing you can do is view the profiles of other singles. It should be remembered that the free Meetic offer for women existed some time ago. Nevertheless, today women by other tricks can use Meetic for free .

How to Benefit From 3 Days Free on Meetic in 2022

Coming from the same group, Meetic and Say tomorrow have several points in common. Similar interfaces, similar operations, the two dating sites are almost the same. Despite all the similarities, there is one major difference between the two dating sites. Let’s find out!

To have a very detailed opinion of each of the platforms, I invite you to read our opinion on Say tomorrow 2022 as well as our Meetic opinion ! This will give you a detailed overview of the different features of these dating sites, before you sign up!

A Different Target – Free on Meetic

The two dating sites do not target the same community of singles .

Meetic, a general site

Meetic is a dating platform for everyone without distinction. On Meetic, members enjoy a variety of profiles ranging from profiles of very young singles to profiles of older singles. In addition, the vast majority of Meetic profiles belong to people whose age is below 50 years. As a result, senior members are really outnumbered.

Let’s say tomorrow, A Platform for Seniors

Let’s say tomorrow is a subsidiary of Meetic. But this does not mean that it targets the same profile of single people. The Disons Demain dating platform is specifically reserved for single people over 50. Below this age, registration is not permitted for singles.

Members who wish to meet seniors can do so on this site because they find each other. Since the singles community is different, the language and attitude between the members also differ. In fact, the way to flirt on Meetic is not identical to the way to flirt on Disons Demain .

The Interface of Say Tomorrow is Simpler Than that of Meetic

Despite similar functionality and registration , as highlighted in our review, the senior dating platform is easier to use. Indeed, the Sayons Demain platform adapts to its members. Thus, the interface it offers is brighter and the profiles are clearer there than on Meetic. Even single seniors with little computer literacy can relate to it .

The Events Organized by Disons Demain Differ from The Meetic Events

Each of the two dating sites organizes events to allow their single members to actually meet. However, given the differences between the profiles targeted by these two dating sites, the themes of the events are not identical.

For an outing, between senior singles , it is unlikely that a skateboarding activity will be scheduled, for example. Similarly, the activities of single Meetic members will not necessarily correspond to seniors.

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Popularity – Free on Meetic

The Meetic dating platform is by far more popular than Say tomorrow. This is understandable since on Meetic, there are singles of all ages. While on the platform say tomorrow you meet single members 50+. However, over time, the popularity of Let’s Say Tomorrow increases. This testifies to the renewed interest of senior singles for dating sites.

What Choice Between Let’s Say Tomorrow and Meetic?

Apart from the few disparities that we have just highlighted, Meetic and Say tomorrow are very similar. They have the same free and paid features . Regarding the free features, discover them by reading our opinion on ” Say Tomorrow is it free  ? ‘other. If you are a senior single looking for senior single women, Let’s Say Tomorrow is the place for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for the contact of singles of all ages, you will have to opt for Meetic.

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