We Love Others As They Are or Not At All

I very rarely share the emotional side of my personality. We Love Others Not because I don’t have it, but because I prefer to leave it to myself. Today, however, it will be a bit different, because I was struck in the face by the phenomenon of couples arguing in public. It may have something to do with the phases of the moon, but this week there is a real rush of them. This is great news for someone who likes to record them or at least relate to friends later in a story sparkling with humor.

If someone would like to present such an argument in a funny way, he must pay attention to all the allegations made. And she is too fat and blunt, and her friends SharekAlomre.com could fly on brooms. In turn, he eats like a pig, has a bad job, and doesn’t know punctuality. What they have in common is that they are all unhappy.

It’s not that they both have flaws. Normal thing. I have, you have, Ryan Gosling has, and I heartily admit that Margot Robbie probably does too. Maturity is not only about being more prone to osteoporosis and having a lower metabolism. It is also the stage at which you stop thinking what should characterize the “perfect woman” or the “perfect man”. Instead, one begins to reflect on what the “perfect person FOR ME” should be.

It is already understood that a relationship can be successful regardless of minor flaws, provided that the other person has KEY qualities for us. For example, I like when a girl is resourceful, smiles a lot and sees me as a demigod. For someone else, a sense of security, similar goals, love for travel, and worldview may count. What is important, however, is that when they have it, other features fall to the background where they belong. On the set when it is not even worth talking about them.

I’m afraid these arguing pairs aren’t getting to that level. Instead of finding the person who has the most important features for them, they catch the first frog from the shore. They then wag, moan, and yell, begging her to turn into a prince, princess, or Victoria’s Secret model.

We Love Others As They Are or Not At All 2022

This leads to a stalemate. Either the attempt to turn a frog into another creature will fail (which is the case in the vast majority of cases), or it will be successful and reminisce about what this frog has not abandoned for the relationship. This means listening to complaints like, “If I hadn’t sacrificed myself for you, I’d be a general’s wife today!” Unfortunately, the best relationships are the ones for SharekAlomre which you don’t have to give up anything .

I know this looks easier than it really is, but pity! There is no point in acting as if you are condemn to some immature guy or a slutty witch! There are seven billion people in the world. Half of them are of the opposite sex! Finding someone with whom life will not be tormented is not even a tenth of such a labor-intensive. Activity as arguing full of unfulfilled expectations. Under these conditions, it really makes no sense to start a relationship with anyone just because your aunt and grandmother ask when to get married and if you are a homo.

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 There is no point in getting involve with someone. Who will want to improve, motivate, change and pull up every second of their lives. And even more so, it makes no sense to demand such changes from others. Everyone has the right to live as they want and if you can’t die. For anyone, you don’t have the right to tell them how to live. It’s definitely better to find someone who already lives the way we value it.

So don’t look for broken people that you hope you can fix someday. Find someone you want to be with for who they are, not for. Who they could or could be. We only love other people as they are. In all other cases, we only love the image we want to have of them.

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